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at hotel like home


We always tend to use the phrase „at the hotel I feel like home” when we choose a hotel or a hostel for overnight.

„At home” means a personal way to spend time, where things are thrown into the corners of the House for short time, and which must be understood by the employee in this sense not to arrange them to me whenever comes into the room, eventually he should them arranges summary as a  promised service.

„At home” also means that when the noise of the family, of the children running through the house, and of the wife trying to involve me in the priming of the high voices must be understood by the hotelier, and give me the proper soundproof room where the noise from the outside is almost imperceptible, and the one inside is well organized so that „family senses” will not activate me anymore.

„At home” is also the joy of being a master on the TV remote, in which direct opponents, children and wife, do not threaten to run my programs as I wish, and the hotelier understands this and leaves me on the bedside a small form with the use of the remote control, be careful also that the batteries in the remote control are charged and that the TV channels can satisfy my specific „freedom” in front of the TV.

The „At home” also means the quick snack prepared in the kitchen almost every evening before the game, and the hotelier understands and provides me the room service where the snack is brought to the room, on the tray, possibly with a Blossoming, shaking me with other refrigerator-stove maneuvers that I run in a hurry home, and often without much satisfaction.

„At home” is also the end time of the day that I end up in the bathroom, preparing myself for sleep, and trying to clean myself easily, only when I do not have to wait in line with other members family. And here, the hotelier comes to help me with a beautiful, fully equipped bathroom with quality amenities, making me forget to be rushed and do not hear the subtle knoks at the bathroom door with the sound of „How long do you want to stay in the bathroom?”

Equally important is „at home” with a good bed but which I still have to change one day, that it is no longer as comfortable as the hotelier knows this and offers me a bed with a professional mattress, Where only the hotel offers, which makes my sleep very pleasant.

„At home” is actually for the hotelier, „not like home”.
At the hotel I find the beautiful things I often share with others, find quality equipment and materials, anytime prepared for guests and never unrepaired (as we leave this matter from time to time, it just does not hurry us anybody!)

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